Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries


If you are looking for smart battery chargers or lithium batteries for your caravan, AMIT has a complete range of it. From high quality 4 stage battery chargers to deep cycle lithium batteries, AMIT has it all at competitive prices.

Battery storage for the next gen

Lithium batteries are the future of battery storage. They are lighter than conventional lead-acid batteries and provide incomparable cycle life. These batteries are perfect for home storage applications, camping, marine and caravans. Lithium batteries for caravans are completely sealed and come with an inbuilt battery management system for added protection and safety.

A must have Outback Equipment

We stock a complete range of battery chargers for caravans that work in many different conditions and deliver the best charging results. Several chargers operate intelligently. They are also known as smart battery chargers. They control the charging process to ensure that the rate of charging optimises function and battery life. You can choose from a wide range: multi-stage battery chargers, 12v lithium batteries, 100ah lithium batteries and 200ah lithium batteries.



  • High-quality smart chargers and lithium batteries for caravan

  • Affordable prices

  • Wide range of products

  • 30 years of leading experience