FACTORY INSPECTION

                                  UN GLOBAL COMPACT

                                        A.M.I.T Approved                                                                   Certificate No.

                                        >> ISO 9001: 2008                                                              42020

                                        >> IATF 16949: 2016                                                                              AUTO40567

                                        >> UN Global Compact                                                                            106761


AMIT( Australia Melbourne International Trading )


With Over 30 years of experience within the Satellite and electricity business, AMIT is one of the leading company in quality yet affordable supplier.

From the first hand new technology knowledge, first line in the market, down to our own manufacture, we provide the newest concept product with finest quality and comparable price

We have a wide range of accessories to suit all types of needs including:

Fully Automatic Satellite TV Systems,Electricity System,12v/240v LED lighting,Solar Panels , Regulators, Caravan/Auto Accessories.