SK-920 Mast Head Amplifier

SK-920 Mast Head Amplifier

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The SatKing SK-920 is a high quality fully shielded mast head amplifier for digital TV signal amplification. This amplifier has a signal input but the device also has the advantage of having separate adjustable gain controls the get the right level for both VHF and UHF. This one amp suits most installations, just use VHF or UHF only or both. The gain on both VHF & UHF is 15-35dB, this also suits most installations both metro and regional. Also being powered by DC power means the noise level is very low, great for fringe area’s.



  • Compact Size
  • Low Noise
  • Fully Shielded
  • Hi Gain


  • Maximum Gain VHF: 35dB (adjustable)
  • Maximum Gain UHF: 35dB (adjustable)
  • Input: 1x F-Type
  • Output: 1x F-Type
  • Internal Case: Metal
  • External Case: Plastic IP-57 Weatherproof
  • Voltage Input: 12VDC